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Everything about Name Meaning Gifts

framed name meaning prints by the Dehnart family


We'll research a name for you, or you can read the unique story behind a name, learn the origin of God's many titles and names, shop through our unique name meaning gifts, and find out why CrossTimber is all about names.  There are over 100 pages of unique name meaning gifts, articles about name meaning research, stories about the encouragement through names and insights on God's name.


Our original name meaning plaques, mugs and keepsake boxes come in 100s of designs, and can be personalized with any name.  Thanks for visiting!



Do you know
what your name means?

We love asking that question, because we answering it!

Names can have such rich and insightful meanings that encourage, motivate and inspire.  My name, John, is a continual reminder that I am here for the blessing of others, whether it be to a stranger through a smile, to my children with a guiding hand, or to you, right here and right now through these unique name meaning gifts. Click the chat box on the lower right to ask me the meaning of your name!  It would be a joy to meet you and tell you what your name means! And in doing that, I’d be living up to the meaning of my name, John: Gift of God: Messenger with Good News.


I hope the name meaning gifts you find on this website will encourage and inspire you and those you're buying them for. You can put any name (even unique ones) on any design for Framed Name Meaning Prints, Coffee Mugs, Keepsake NameBoxes, or our one-of-a-kind WidePlaques! Each Name Gift includes the origin, cultural meaning, Life meaning, and a hand-picked Bible verse that connects with the meaning.   If you'd like to know what a name means, click the chat button on the lower right and we'll let you know!


Our newest designs:

  • Vinyards of Italy, MUSC43 Vinyards of Italy, MUSC43
  • Buck in the Woods, MUSC46 Buck in the Woods, MUSC46
  • Daisy Praises, MUFL36 Daisy Praises, MUFL36
  • Springtime Butterfly, MUBF16 Springtime Butterfly, MUBF16
  • Baby Turtle, MUAN60   Available to order by phone (we haven't added it to the website yet.) Baby Turtle, MUAN60 Available to order by phone (we haven't added it to the website yet.)
  • Elephant Safari, WPSC47 Elephant Safari, WPSC47
  • Ear of the Tigress, WPAN40 Ear of the Tigress, WPAN40
  • Fanciful Lamplight, WPBF17 Fanciful Lamplight, WPBF17
  • DaisyWings Butterfly, WPBF15 DaisyWings Butterfly, WPBF15
  • Baby Zoo, WPPP20 Baby Zoo, WPPP20
  • U.S. Soldier, WPPP22 U.S. Soldier, WPPP22
  • Fireman, WPPP23 Fireman, WPPP23
  • Aspiring Firefighter, WPPP24 Aspiring Firefighter, WPPP24
  • Firmley Anchored, WPSY59 Firmley Anchored, WPSY59
  • Dock on the Lake, PLSC06 Dock on the Lake, PLSC06
  • Grad Hats in the Air, PLEV03   Available to order by phone (we haven't added it to the website yet.) Grad Hats in the Air, PLEV03 Available to order by phone (we haven't added it to the website yet.)
  • Fishing in the stream, PLWA13     Available to order by phone (we haven't added it to the website yet.)32 Fishing in the stream, PLWA13 Available to order by phone (we haven't added it to the website yet.)32
  • Firmly Anchored, PLSY59 Firmly Anchored, PLSY59
  • Sleeping like a Baby should, PLPP21 Sleeping like a Baby should, PLPP21
  • The Piano, PLMU01 The Piano, PLMU01
  • Fanciful Lamplight, PLBF17 Fanciful Lamplight, PLBF17
  • Crystal Wings, NBSM20 Crystal Wings, NBSM20
  • The Regal Butterfly, NBBF14 The Regal Butterfly, NBBF14
  • The Red, White and Blue, NBSY58 The Red, White and Blue, NBSY58
  • Graduation Hat, NBEV02 Graduation Hat, NBEV02


how to order name meaning gifts onlineHow to Order

Personalize your name meaning gift online or by telephone!   888-763-2646.

Ordering is easy online or by telephone. If you have questions or want to know the meaning of any name, just click the Chat Button on the lower right, or call any time.


Ordering is simple.  Just pick a product: NamePlaques, WidePlaques, Keepsake Boxes or Name Meaning Coffee Mugs.


When you find a design you like, fill out the order form to add it to your cart.  Repeat for each name on  your encouragement list!


When you've filled your cart, click the VIEW CART button and then the Checkout button to enter your shipping & billing info, and then we'll do the rest!

What to Order


Name Meaning prints for 1, 2 or 3 names meanings, framed, personalizedWidePlaques for multiple names & surnames.

We are EXCITED about these new, extra large 7x14 framed name meaning prints, which handsomely hold 1, 2 or 3 names (with meanings), on your choice of over 100 stunning designs.


Each design was carefully illustrated with special effects for translucent colors, 3-d edges, shadows and glowing lights to enhance the name meaning and verse on the plaque. There are nearly 100 new designs to personalize, from Butterflies to Sunsets!


WidePlaques are also great for surnames / family names / last names for a prestigious plaque by your front door!  Click here for instructions on how to order a Surname WidePlaque.





name research booksName Meaning Research

How do we research a name to find an encouraging meaning?

At CrossTimber, we carefully research the historical or cultural origins of each name with our bookshelf full of name meaning books.  We'll also turn to electronic resources, like Hitchcock's Bible Names, and www.BehindTheName.com.


After the academic side is done, we always look for the most encouraging, positive aspects of a name's meaning, and see how it can be applied to a person's character and personality in a Biblical way.  Click here for a detailed explanation of our research process, or read some great examples on our NameStories page, which is a collection of inspirational histories behind the meaning of a name.

For more information on how we research, see the links below, or click the chat box on the lower right to ask us what your name -or any name- means!

You're also welcome to call us at 888-763-2646.

The Value in a Name Meaning
Our Origin & Meaning Research
Are there Christian Meanings for names not in the Bible?  (Yes)


Names of God research and storiesNames of God

The God of the Bible has many names given to Him by man, and One Name above all others, never given, always His.

We are thrilled to finally publish some of the many many stories and histories on the Names of God. Name Meaning Gifts may be my business and ministry, but my passion is to glorify The Name of God, and I love to write about the many insights and applications that His name has on our lives today.


We have a beautiful collection of plaques designed to reveal aspects of God's identity and His many names.  Browse our Names Of God framed artwork here.  The names of God art makes a wonderful gift for pastors and those in need of encouragement.


If you have a story to tell about a name that meant a lot to you, please contact us and share your story through our website.  Thank you!



Click here to visit...
The Names of God framed artwork
The Majestic Names of God

The One Name


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Name Research

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NameStories-My favorite

The One Name of God


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